Fans know that we are big fans of the independent online magazine Dazed & Confused and that Houston, Texas is our second home so we had to show support of Dazed Digital’s interview with the well-respected rapper, Bun B.

He discusses why Houston’s rap scene is just getting started. He also talks about the slow, syrup sipping car culture, fellow rapper Pimp C, and legends like DJ Screw, Big Moe, Fat Pat, E.S.G and many others. Attached to the interview is a 4 hour-long stream of Houston rap music, courtesy of SOUNDCLOUD.

We are truly familiar with everything that is Houston, and we welcome you to explore the culture.

Please enjoy the insert and photos. You may see some familiar faces..

Dazed Digital: What do you think it is that Houston does better?

Bun B: What used to be Houston hip hop culture is now just culture. I think in 2014 you’ll see a reemergence of Houston rap. It’s just difficult because everyone’s trying to do what Houston does. Today, everybody wants to sip the syrup and everybody wants to slow their music down like Screw and all that kind of stuff. So everybody’s trying to do what Houston has done forever, so it’s time for Houston to start to try to figure out how to do something a little bit new or start tryin’ to put a twist on what we’ve done before, since other people are doing it to death.

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