Instagram is the latest crave for top bloggers and their followers. Our followers enjoy our posts, and are happy that we provide them with quality photos. We keep our content consistent in hopes of growing more followers with every post. So, today we’ve decided to share¬†some examples of photos that may give you a few ideas for your Instagram content strategy…Connoisseurs Enjoy

1. Colorful food shots are popular on Instagram. Pair them with a cool background, unique textures and fashion. Oh, and only post photos of edible foods. Everyone should be able to determine what you’ve eaten without using captions.





2. Statement Pieces that are uniquely arranged will stand out in a crowd of millions of users.




3. Nail it! Don’t forget to add the hashtag #Nails.



4. Use odd, funny objects or people to show your sense of humor.




5. Most importantly you will kill the game with a beautiful landscape, sunset or destination. The photo must be edited for best quality.


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